Tuesday, April 11, 2017

National History Day Reflection

     For our National History Day project, I made a group website with three other members, describing how Alexander Hamilton took a stand in history. We went over his early life and his major life accomplishments. These include his work towards the financial system of the U.S. and the writing of the Federalist Papers. Our group decided on making a website because we believed we would all be most effective on a website due to our set of skills.
     Our group did not make it to the state competitions because of the ruling the judges gave us. One of the points where we missed the mark, was where we were supposed to relate our topic to the theme, taking a stand in history. After we saw the grading, we all came to the realization that we could have related to the theme more on our website. Therefore, we all agreed with what they gave us, although we are sad that we got the grain the first place. We all learned something from what they told us, and we'll use that information to further improve any new project that comes our way.
     The most interesting thing we learned while researching our topic, was just how much Alexander Hamilton accomplished in his short life. He died at the age of 47 with so many things under his belt. He served as an important figure in the revolutionary war, he fought for the existence of the Constitution, and he fought all opposition for one of the strongest financial systems in the world. His life's work was for a strong Federal Government, and I believe we got it. It's so disheartening to hear that such an intelligent and innovative man died so young, with so many things he could have still done with a longer life. That is by far the most interesting thing I learned.
     The hardest part of our project was definitely all working together efficiently and without procrastination. I feel like if we all buckled down and worked out hardest till the very end, we would have made it to state, but now all we can do is learn from our past mistakes. Nearing the end of our project, we came across some problems without annotated bibliographies and website. These came to be a big problem for a couple days. We had to virtually remake all of our bibliographies and fix the. Then our website also kind of messed itself up, so we had to fix that. In the end, we were faced with many complications.
     I improved as a student in many ways because of this project. I learned a bit more on how to be a successful team member, and how to work and communicate effectively with a team.I also learned just how much I can procrastinate, which is something I definitely need to keep working on. Finally, I learned that you only get out, what you put in. If we put more effort and time in our project, we could have made it to state.
     We could improve our project by relating each written section and page back to the main theme, taking a stand in history. This was definitely a huge oversight for us. This area was where we lost some points during the grading. Also, we could have refined our website more to make it as crisp, clean, and smooth as possible while still being unique. Maybe this is just me being critical, but I still feel like our website still looks unrefined and clunky.
     What I'm most proud of during our project, is near the end of it. When we were nearing the final due date of the project, we all quickyl shifted gears and worked overtime to make up the time we lost. We worked in class and outside to get everything we could done and ready to go. I'm really proud of my group for doing this and accomplishing the project in time with a respectable end product.

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